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Introducing the #DROID 4, a woman short romper from a late collection! This dress is part of our color block series inspired by the cultural queerness of San Francisco. The vintage shops and thriving tech industry in the city influenced the design and color schemes of this dress. The '70s trend of color blocking is brought to life with a modern twist, making it perfect for the fashion-forward woman. Made from hemp-quality knit material, this dress is comfortable, stylish, and versatile enough to be worn for any fun occasion.


All inspired by the city size of 7 x 7. The halter neckline, pockets, and ribbed midriff make this romper both stylish and comfortable. Made from a sustainable organic hemp and cotton blend, the touch is incredibly soft, making it perfect for summer.


Halter Short Romper "#DROID 4"

$80,00 Regular Price
$40,00Sale Price
  • (See Video) This style comes in a different array of color positioning. This is with artistic intent wanting to apply a unique experience for the buyer. It is to give the value of each style appearing one of a kind for the owner. Unfortunately, one can't decide what color block they'll receive.


    • Preferred Care: Dry clean only to prevent color transfer.
    • Alternative: Fabric can be machine washed but since the process was hand dyed, a color transfer may occur.
    • If you wish to machine cycle, wash with cold water and delicate drying with no heat or hang dry for best results.
    • The is one item available made directly by designer.
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