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I present this item from my Land Of Smiles collection; inspired by Thailand’s traditional clothing and the countryside throughout Southeast Asia. I backpacked throughout the region and discovered incredible landscapes and vibrant culture. Besides, I noted how local people dressed in connection with those of royalty. The challenge was combining the region's contemporary fashion with its traditional subgroup into something ready to wear. In the process, I came upon this beautiful cotton batik fabric from Indonesia. Batik is a prominent textile in Southeast Asia. Thus, I applied the tradition of cloth and style and combined it with western techniques. The design is a fabric belted dirndl skirt with a separate tunic blouse. The skirt comes belted but can wear without, also easy to get into by wrapping around your waist and snapping it close. Fitted at the waist but flowy everywhere else. Great skirt to wear with a tank top, or plain shirt, and stroll on a beautiful day out.

Wrap Skirt Only "SF in Bangkok"

$50,00 Regular Price
$25,00Sale Price
    • Preferred Care: Wash in cold water, delicate dry cycle.
    • The is one item available made directly by designer.


    Bespoke Available
    I have a ton of batiks left from my trip, thus, if you would like this made in another color? Please leave a message with the request and I can send photo swatches.

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