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"I believe that people's fear of doing business with one another is a systemic psychological trick orchestrated by the unseen hands of the media..."

- Damon Dash -

As a design influencer with my product, I'm always delighted to work with other brands. Check out our collaboration and their merchandise, support! I do own the merchandise shown so if you like what you see? Click the window and make sure you follow my discount code. If you're an individual brand/artist and would like to collaborate, take a look at the UNITY page.
Disclaimer: All ambassador agreements were legitimate with the brand and I. However, as a consumer, do your research! There are a ton of emerging brands that reach out for a feature, I'm sure there will be errors. I'm not a representative or employee of any brand I market. I do not condone anything fraudulent or a scam. Be responsible and if you're unsure about the product, communicate before buying anything online!

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