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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the designer is in self-quarantine until further notice.

The atelier is still open but it might be delays on merchandise and message replies due to the U.S. shutdown. For economical hardship,  the promotional 25% off extended until we recover. Use code: HER25

Welcome to my digital artistry. Not only do I create clothing and take photos, but I also enjoy sketching. I fell in love with my Wacom sketchpad, and this is what I do in my free time. I'm always inspired, always thinking, and yearning to create. Here I present an extension of fashion, culture, and art into a two-dimensional jpeg illustration. Use this work to print a photo, frame it, and hang it on your wall. You can copy and silkscreen it on a shirt. In addition, use it as a desktop or a phone screensaver —you choose. I hope you like my work. If you purchase it, you'll receive a link by email to download the photo; it comes as a hi-res, jpeg with no words, logos, or watermark included — specifications such as size and dimension can be found in the description next to the item. For any resizing needs, reach out and let me know what size specs you need. I would be glad to send you a different size free of charge.

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