Miko Kepko, a fashion photographer based in San Francisco, whom I met online. Aggressively pushing my new line at the time, #DROID, she found me from social media and reached out about doing an editorial featuring the collection. Agreeing to meet and coordinating the shoot together, behold that it would land a cover issue for Elegant Magazine. With total creative direction, she produced this amazing summer fashion spread. From all my projects #DROID was my most sold collection. Published on July 2015, Elegant Magazine "Summer #1"  [ click here ] for the digital sample and to order. 

All photos are owned by Miko Kepko. Photos provided for permissible use  


The ensemble comes from the #DROID collection made in 2015. The group contained seven different styles with seven different colors. It was influenced by the region of San Francisco, with the city stretching 7x7 miles and reverberating with its tech culture. The seven colors picked were the primary colors used for computer graphics and printing such as RGB and CMYK. Each look has a seven gore color block design embodying pixel imagery. This dress in the presentation was from the look #DROID ONE, a sleeveless, flared dress. The fabric is 100% organic, undyed cotton, and hemp. Upon production, every piece was hand-dyed right in my workspace.

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