Influence + CULTURE

"Fascism is cured by reading, and racism is cured by traveling."

- Miguel de Unamuno -

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Changing the Way to do Business!


Welcome, happy that you are here! Who is Herbert Victoria, you're wondering? It's a mashup of the first names of my parents, but it is also an influential fashion brand. It's a unique platform that not only sells fashion but presents a creative culture. The aim is to foster independence, creativity, and a design community rather than commercial retail and production. Here, I'm an independent designer with specific life values, but how do my values work in the market? It took me years to figure out how can I do business with creative solitude. Well, in this new age of social influencers, I want to be considered just that a design influencer, incorporating my life into art and clothing. I create fashion, my admiration is culture, and my inspiration is art. The person for this platform is an eccentric shopper that likes exclusive items that are hand and locally made, including things that are rarely available. Besides, my design philosophy is to offer a story in each ensemble. I want to give both creative and sentimental value, and I hope my platform provides this experience. I design every good in my shop with very minimal commercial production, only with the exception of a small number of items. I work effortlessly to maintain a personable approach to you. With that said, contact me with any questions, and I would love feedback. I'm delighted to work with you.

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 As I said before... I create fashion, my admiration is culture, and my inspiration is art. Where does it all come from? It comes from traveling! My life is my lookbook. I've been to many places and would say I developed an eye in seeing beauty anywhere I go. Culture validates our individuality, but art brings us together. I'm not a professional photographer, but photography became a hobby within my journey, so I hope you enjoy my work. My lookbook assortment starts with these photos of mine, but I do have a photo-stock store available. They're ready to use for publications, editorials, blogs, etc. All images are owned by me with no copywritten material. Click Culture Stock for more images that you can purchase.