Jo Nguyen and I first made contact on Instagram. Already a fan and following her work, it was then that I thought she would be great in presenting Herbert Victoria's Land Of Smiles collection. Land Of Smiles is inspired by the culture and the personal experiences of touring through Southeast Asia, mainly, Thailand. Having Vietnamese roots but growing up in London, she was perfect in providing cultural authenticity in connection to the story behind the line and the region. With just one Instagram proposal, it later came to an email arrangement of us collaborating. We met in Taiwan and beheld how she would create this fantastic editorial there.

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The Land Of Smiles collection was created in 2016. As mentioned before, it embraced Thailand’s countryside and the common roots of Southeast Asia. I spent one month on two separate occasions exploring Thailand, one city in Cambodia, and Vietnam and getting to the border of Laos. Jo is wearing a multicolor midriff halter. The second dress is a belted tunic in yellow and turquoise. Both garments are 100% batik cotton made in Indonesia.

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