Narrow Plaid Tweed Over-neck Scarf /w Pocket

Narrow Plaid Tweed Over-neck Scarf /w Pocket


Here I have another option from the Wide Plaid Tweed. Same fabric, however, this scarf is narrower and shorter.  This option is to wear more formally during the fall/winter season. Made with a very soft cotton blend fabric, yet, heavy enough to keep your neck very warm. I like to apply functionality in clothing; therefore, this scarf comes with an inseam pocket to store small items and for quick, subtle access. Unlike the larger option, this has a patch pocket adding more convenient space.

  • About This Garment -

    (See video) This item has a pocket large enough to fit a tiny cellphone, credit cards, or dollarbills. The pocket will always be placed where the label is. Watch video to see accessibility. Fringes are hand done, expect a little unevenness. Some may be larger or tighter than others. 


    • Preferred Care: Dry clean to stay soft but safe to cycle.
    • Alternative: Machine wash cold with delicate cycle, minimal heat or hang dry for best results. Safe to iron.
    • The is one item available made directly by designer.
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