Wide Neck Sailor Tunic "Mourir En Afrique"

Wide Neck Sailor Tunic "Mourir En Afrique"



This dress showcased inspired by West African culture and textile. This ensemble is another combination of ethnic and modern design. The design is a sheath sleeveless dress, with a very wide shawl collar. It includes a belt being able to cinch at the waist or wear freely without it. The design has inseam pockets and zips up in the front as well. The fabric is a West African tradition hand tie-dyed, batik cotton known as pagne. Textile has this beautiful floral motif, same as "Modern Mode" that radiates a very Afrocentric, Caribbean appeal. This is an enjoyable item and great buy also!

  • About This Garment -

    • Preferred Care: Dry Clean to retain color and texture.
    • Alternative: Machine wash cold with delicate dry cycle.
    • The is one item available made directly by designer.
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