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This dress showcased, was inspired by West African culture and textile. The style is semi-casual with very creative use of Malian handwoven fabric; I'm sure you'll receive many compliments. The material is Bogolanfini, where it's widely known as Mud Cloth. Originating from Mali, the name comes from the process of creating this textile with dying and fermenting in mud. Though it's globally available, the tradition of creating Bogolanfini is still very abundant today. Real Mud Cloth has to be handspun, and you can only obtain in pieces rather than large yard quantities. Thus to cut cost, much of the cloth is replicated to achieve the Malian look. But, this ensemble has actual Bogolanifi, hence, why the hefty price and that it's one dress of its kind. Peplum draped with inseam pockets and halter neckline. The ensemble is 100% cotton; however, due to the sensitivity of fabric, it's highly suggested to dry clean. Another option is applying a light hand wash.

Halter Dress "Africain Reine"

Артикул: HVAW04
265,00$ Обычная цена
    • Preferred Care: Dry clean to retain color and texture.
    • Alternative: Light hand wash, delicate dry cycle. Safe to iron.
    • The is one item available made directly by designer.
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